Saturday, October 06, 2007

Cut It Out!

Someone emailed me this morning about a shoe pattern that was mentioned on my blog ages ago. So I went hunting. Shoe pattern from Kathy. She isn't blogging right now, but she a collection of images from the United States Patent and Trademark Office at Frankie Files.

Found lots of other fun stuff. Like this cute little bear and lot more sweet little paper craft downloads here (japanese site).

Vampire mask and lot of other downloads from 3D Paper Craft.

Paperkraft blog, I love this little guy, Chinaman papertoy. The always wonderful Paper Forest.

This is fantastic -- 3D reprographics

And I love this and have actually been developing my own, cake box template and sushi via here. Piece of pie template from Stampington.


hollibobolli said...

wow - this was a really cool post! what do you do with those house reprographics? that may be a silly question, but do you build them - or could you order them and use them to play with? that bear pattern was really cute!! I may have to check out the box pattern and design something for my ceramics.. I've been using cupcake boxes for my cupcake mugs.. but nothing fits just perfectly.


Kim Carney said...

hey holli
I just love those 3d graphics, but I supppose they would be used by architects to show clients a 3-d version of their project. I don't think i could ever make one of those, don't have the patience ;)

do you need an adjustment? of your box for your mug? I could probably do that for you ;)

s'mee said...

Kim these are so cool! I love origami and this all makes my heart skip a beat.

Also, if you have the time for utter silliness, you've been tagged to explore your t.v. viewing habits. Details at my place.