Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Starving Kids In ... (You Fill In The Blank)

I cleaned my plate most of my life because I felt so badly that I had food and most of the world did not, a fact my mom reminded me of at every meal. She does not like it when food goes to the garbage. I always asked for a doggie bag at a restaurant. Mom freezes left-overs if she thinks they will not be eaten that week and that ends up in something else. The joke growing up was to clean your plate because what we didn't eat that meal would show up in some other form or fashion in the next. My mother will be happy to read this.


Nimbostratusdweller said...

I was never force fed.

The problems other families had with eating we never had.

My Grandma was a smart cookie..

She said, you never have to eat supper, you can eat bread and jelly, or peanutbutter.

But there was that Marconi and cheese...umm mashed potatoes, gravey , etc.

She filled our plates, there was always a nice helping of what we liked, but not quite enough, and a spoon full of peas, carrots, cabbage, whatever.

You didn't have to eat your vegetables either, but it was such a small portion.. and if you ate it, you could have more mac n cheese, whatever you loved.
So you ate it, and you learned to like everything because you were never forced.

I ate unhatched chicken eggs, hogs head porridge

I grew up in little Europe, ( PA) surrounded by Europeans, and I ate all their offerings.

I was never allowed to say I didn't like a thing to anyone at their home, it was rude, just be quiet and ask only for water. Say no thank you if I didn't want something.

Eat what you took to eat, or be quiet about not liking it. Always say please, and thank you.

I'll eat anything.. still.

I get the creeps watching parents force feed kids.

In 4th grade in TX when we moved there, a taecher made me eat cold instant mashed potatoes, I felt I was being abused. I gagged, it was awful..my Grandmother was mortified. I am certain the teacher heard about it.

I never ate in the cafeteria again ever. I make it my business to save children from parents who force feed their kids.. ( I trash their food when parents aren't looking). lol


boo on parents who forcefeed!

We never had to say sir and mam, either , we said simply yes or no, that was good enough..

My origins are Quaker.

Kim Carney said...

S, I think you missed my point all together. I think if someone has food to "force feed" their kids vs. not having food at all to feed their children. So "recycling" food is a good thing ... my mom did make me clean my plate, as a result of her impovished childhood, her proverty ... I don't agree with force feeding children (obviously ... I never made M eat anything he didn't want to eat) but my focus on the post was about not wasting food ;)

Nimbostratusdweller said...

Well Kim, obviously, your Mother 'transmutes' left overs into 'elegant aftermaths'.
( not so common an attribute)

I didn't miss that part , but things were triggered by parts of your post, about what I've heard others say, and do, about their parents making them eat cold left overs for breakfast, etc.