Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Surfing Quilt Blogs

One could spend not a day, not two days but weeks looking at amazing works on the internet. I found a few sites today. Allison Aller, You Rock. Take a look at this green purse and this piece.

I found this powerful
quilt on slavery posted on Sonji Says (and her work is amazing as well). An explanation of the work: "Yesterday we went to see the Gwendolyn Magee exhibition at the Haggerty Art Museum. It was very powerful. Her topic was the impact of Slavery in America, past, present and future. This particular piece was the one that we both found the most moving because it had state by state lists of African-Americans who had been lynched and murdered through mutilation and horrific violence. It's such a beautiful quilt from a distance...the contrast, the swirling tree branches." Go see the entry and read the rest here.

While searching
Gwendolyn Magee found Studio Art Quilt Association.

Liz Berg Quilts.


Linda said...

Love the crazy quilt pieces... reminiscent of Koos van den Akker's clothing..... love!

Anonymous said...

I agree. You could literally spend months surfing the various blogs. It's so much fun to do! You see some really neat projects as well.