Monday, August 29, 2005


My son gave me his cold before he headed off to Whistler for a mini-vacation. Pica and I are fighting over space on the sofa. He likes Animal Channel and I like to watch the Travel Channel. And we switch back to see where Hurricane Katrina has moved on to. I am chilled and feverish, why do we always get sick on our days off from work?

Pica watching the Travel channel


Zwiedawurzn said...

Hope you got better :). Next time you are in the U-District in Seattle drop by the German store on Roosevelt Way, Continental Store I believe it is called. They have great cold/flu tea, called "Erkaeltungstee". Also Trader Joes used to have some good stuff too.

The so called homeopathic stuff from Whole Foods and other similar stores never did anything for me, it just cost a lot. And I should know, I get sick quite a bit :).

"Maggie" said...

Bummer, hope your feeling better Kim, take lots of Vitamin C and get plenty of rest-and that means stay away from your computer, camera, crafts, telephone and books! Sleep woman, SLEEP!

Cin said...

sorry to hear you're sick, wishing you well, take care!