Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Mom Is Back

Finally, my mom has returned from Texas. The dogs are thrilled and I am pretty happy too!



Nimbostratusdweller said...

Mother is back? I am wondering why I didn't know of this? :)
I will have to come see her right away!
Love you Dianne!

Liquid Sky Arts said...

She must be incredibly happy to be home too. :)
& What a great picture of your kitchen, I love how you can peek in on your dining area with those great square lanterns. You've got such a beautiful world there Kim!

Jessica said...

Hooray! And, I love your kitchen...I hope mine looks that good!

Kim Carney said...

Thanks guys. She is glad to be home. And the kitchen was well worth the trauma and expense! I feel so happy when I look at it.