Sunday, August 28, 2005

Knowles Scandia And Other Obsessions

Thinking of Nifty Thifts around my house I photographed a few pieces of "Knowles Scandia" and then thought about one of my first entries in this blog. I wrote for (Guilty Pleasures) a couple of years ago exposing my plate obsession. Mainly, that I would collect so many plates, and drive around with them in my car then sneak them in the house when everyone was asleep (oops, did I admit to that?)

Knowles Scandia x4020


elaine said...

That's hilarious. You are the first person I've ever known with that obsession or rather the first I've ever known who would take those steps to hide that obsession.

Kim Carney said...

Elaine: Not so much hiding it, rather not having to answer the questions "where are you going to put there".

nicci said...

I love those plates!!

I too have an obsession with tableware. I am compulsive, if I see a set I love I usually end up purchasing it. The problem for me is that at the moment I don't have a house or apartment of my own. So I sneak into my parents home, admire it in my room for a few days and then sadly box it up.