Friday, August 12, 2005

Faces Of Meth

This is powerful. Teenagers, all teenagers should take a look at the dramatic changes to physical appearance of meth addicts. Faces of Meth shows the difference from mugshots taken of the same person at different times of their addiction. And more faces of addiction on this CBS News photo essay.


Elaine said...

You're right, that is powerful. At a fair this year, the police had a booth setup with a slideshow presentation of yearly mug shots of a woman who began her decline on drugs. She was a twenty something year old prostitute and very beautiful at first but slowly, you see the effects of the drugs. She died at thirty four and towards the end, you see hollowed out cheeks and the drawn look of a woman 3x her age. Sad.

Liquid Sky Arts said...

They look so sad, and empty. Lost souls.

Karan said...

They should load kid's pictures into a meth morpher so they can see what they might end up looking like. No matter how immortal kids think they may be, no matter how much the exception, they do fear looking bad.

kelly said...

we just had the largest meth bust
in the state of indiana last week.
i live in a very small town and the
damage that meth has done here, will forever mark many families.
crawfordsville is a small rural town in central indiana. it has
been devastating.

Kim Carney said...

My brother has been in and out of trouble, mostly IN and his misfortune is mostly due to drugs. I am pretty sure it is Meth. It has almost destroyed my mom. It is sad to think about how one person's action and devastate and alter so many people's lives. Not to mention the total waste of life of the drug user.