Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Belt Buckles


When I was a cowgirl, having the right belt buckle is very important. We also had to have our jeans fit over our ropers boots 'just right', meaning, we walked off the backs of the jeans just like they do today. My waist does not support the 'belt buckle' look now (maybe soon)...but I still like to look at them.
Buckles find religion
here and here and here at Virgins, Saints & Angels Buckles.
Vintage beltbuckles. I love everything! at the Urge to Adorn and this belt buckle is the one I want. Take a look at the other belt buckles, very fun. Belt buckles with an Asian flavor. An Austrailian take on a belt, very cool! She Rocks belts. Not to forget the LED scrolling belt buckle.


Amy said...

I was never a cowgirl, but I do own two pairs of ropers, magenta leather and a nice ostrich skin. Haven't worn either in probably ten years. I do have a thing for leather belts with chunky funky buckles though. I love the collections over at The Urge to Adorn...so eclectic!

Amanda Woodward said...

mmm I love belt buckles...in this months Lucky magazine there is a beautiful handmade resin one with a crowlike black bird inside..it's almost Edward Goreyish...