Friday, August 26, 2005

Charmed And Bangled

First off, congrats to Erica for entering land of home owners! You need this one for your new adventure.

I am beginning to like charm bracelets more than I did. I bought a little enamel Texas charm to add to my charm bracelet. Searching for vintage, here are some I found and they are rather pricey. A couple of Vintage sterling bracelets 19 Enameled State and Charms one with assorted next to it (down page). Single vintage charms here. Vintage Western Charms. Smile for your favorite dentist. Melodies Memories, Splendors from the Past, Alita's Casita, one with Newfoundland Charms, I like this glitzy rhinestone Juliana Bracelet (not exactly charm but charming), Asian-theme Charm Bracelet, 21 Love Tokens, Bugs, Birds & Blooms Out of My Mind Charm Bracelet, newer Lucky Charms from Style Maven, love this little globe charm, Mended Veil Candy Ball Bracelets, Limited editions from So Charmed, more enamel states charm bracelets. Russian Imperial Egg Charm Bracelet. And lastly bracelet with bugs.
And then bangled: Resin feather bangles here and here from Macy's. Stretch Shell Bangle from Asos.

I would love to have these Affirmation ring charms and Chinese Charms. This is not a bracelet but I must add to my 'I want list' - Iosselliani set of 8 silver rings.


tararossstudios said...

ooooh, I love those silver 8 band rings.

*jenny said...

I love charm bracelets, too. It must be a Texas thing. We started a family tradition last Christmas where we each requested something small for everyone to give us, and I chose silver charms. I now have the sweetest charm bracelet of special, meaningful charms that will always remind me of that Christmas with my family! Thanks for the wonderful links! (is there a pun in there?)