Saturday, January 28, 2023

Isidro Ferrer

Isidro Ferrer was born in Madrid in 1963, he graduated in Dramatic Art and Stage Design. He worked as an actor at several theatre companies until an accident on tour took him off the stage. He started work at the Heraldo de Aragón in Saragossa as a layout designer in 1988. The time he spent as an apprentice to graphic designer Peret in Barcelona was a key moment in his professional career. At the end of this time, he returned to Saragossa where he set up his own studio Camaleón. He has mainly worked on editorial design, posters and illustration. Throughout his career his designs have received various major prizes and awards. His most standout work includes that for the National Drama Centre, the graphic design for the Luis Buñuel centenary and his work for the newspaper El País. 

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