Thursday, December 29, 2011

Quiet paradise

We have been birdwatching all day, while drinking coffee and me working. It is soooo quiet here. When we see a bird, google it for identification and songs ... (well, Chris uses the old-fashion research of "The Sibley Guide to Birds". Curve-billed Thrasher (a wonderful bird-call), Western Meadowlark, Quail, Cardinals, Roadrunner. Lots of birds! I squealed when I saw a Jackrabbit rush by in the desert part of the 'backyard'. 


Shuttle trip on the way to Spring Valley

Everything has thorns on it, even that really tiny orange-berry-thing, jutting out of a dry dirt.


kim said...

Ahh...Arizona. I'd hate living there, but this time of year it is nice to visit, thorns and all.

Kim Carney said...

it is nice this time of year! it is soooo very quiet here! and am having fun watching all the wildlife ;)

kim said...

Brett's dad lives way down in Ajo. Last time we were there I spent hours gleefully watching a mother quail and her 12 babies who made daily visits to the back yard. Better than TV!

Kim Carney said...

IT is easy to do!!! I keep telling myself, I must do some work, then I look up and see something interesting and my 'work' attention is flown with the birds ;)