Thursday, December 08, 2011

A post for my brother

We don't see my brother very often, well,  never! But I know he has been reading my blog the last couple of days ... so posting a couple of picks for him! Love you, Mac! Thank you for the compliments about my new hair-do ... glad you like it. Time flew by and we all got old ;)

Mom says LOVE YOU ... She had an appointment yesterday and is feeling a little better. She always feels better when she hears from you.

David took this one of me and Pixel the other day ... Don't I look like Big Moma?


Shelley Noble said...

You are both so beautiful. And your brother is right about your hair! xoxo

Kim Carney said...

thank you Shelley ... It only took me 50+ years to get a hair style I could control and like :0