Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas wishes

Even as I am noting in my head what decorations to put in the Goodwill box in January ... I am  thinking of that great tinsel (the white-silver kind) I am placing around the tree and wondering where I could get more. 

Then I see these ... and think, should I? South Park Reindeer Christmas Ornaments, Rusty Reindeer Bauble and of course these! Pantone Christmas Baubles. These Video Game Controller ornaments. Am I bad? The economy lost a great contributor when I lost my job. I mean, if we (D is worse than me) were still purchasing stupid shit, we would probably be out of this recession all ready.


amanda said...

Two things::
No. 1 : love love love this post!!!!
No. 2. I get first dibs on the southpark ornaments. lol.

Kim Carney said...

and if I had my job ... I would buy them for you ! ;) xoxox

Anonymous said...

Kim, dear .. You are such a hoot! And a liitle OCD, if I may say so :-) .. (Takes one to know one .. :-)

QUIT WORRYING and just ENJOY the trees! And remember .. those of us who *didn't* go to all the trouble that you did would like to see the trees in all their glory, and you sipping a(nother) glass of well-deserved vino!

I LOVE YOUR DECORATIONS! You amaze me with your creativity and the 'go to; get it done' energy you exude.

Kim, you are one in a million, dear! NEVER ever forget that!

.. Maggy

meggiecat said...

Great posts! This is a turning point moment for you. Just wait to see how much lighter you will feel. You know my situation and that I have to reduce my possessions to only what I can manage. I keep and use the very best I own. The rest went to friends and my sister made a pretty penny selling my stash on eBay. I'm down to one sewing machine! My Gram's black featherweight.
I gave myself a Pajamagram of jamajeans and never want to wear anything else. Life is good.

My heart swells to hear that Matt is a good guy. He's so fully his own aware self. I think he has courage too.

Oh! I forgot to tell you that my beautiful orange jacket caught my eye again since the ladies in orange post. You've added so much to my life.

Happy holidays friend.