Friday, December 23, 2011

Humming in the crowd

Maybe because I haven't really left my computer for so many months, I actually enjoyed the pressing holiday crowd today. Hunting for a parking spot. Planning my route to optimize my shopping experience. Me, humming Christmas music and smiling, and shoppers smiling back. We were all out there panicking together and I didn't feel so alone! Checked off a lot of stuff from my list. Just think, I still have one day of shopping I could use if I needed it!

Purchased gift cards for the postman, garbage collectors and recycle guys. Makes me feel so much better, since in my grief, I totally forgot them last year. Got my neighbors baked packages together. Went grocery shopping (mom usually does, but I have taken that over for now). Made Raspberry and Blackberry compote (from leftover berries from earlier this week) for Christmas morning crepes (when the kids will be here). 

Made a carrot soup for Christmas eve for just us, without the kids. ;0 We will have soup, good cheeses and bread, play some board game. Feels weird to think of Christmas eve without my son here with us, but we grow and survive.

As for me in the kitchen. I admit I had to have mom remind what button to push on the oven to start it. And we have very different cooking styles. My mom cooks from years of just doing it, never measuring, substituting this for that. I follow the recipe and never sure exactly what I am doing. Mom's always taste better! Is it her cooking? Or that someone cooked it for you that makes it taste much better? I am guessing both.

I re-discovered all the cool cooking gadgets we have! Used them all. I have the big mess to  prove it. Remembered how I really love to cook. Dogs love it when I am in the kitchen and not sitting at the computer, ignoring them. 

Do you think applying for jobs the December 23rd looks desperate? Well, whatever ... I applied for a few jobs today because my freelance contract is coming to an end.

Okay, got to go clean up my *big* mess in the kitchen! And wrap a few more gifts.

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