Friday, December 23, 2011

Just in the nick

Just in the nick of time, I am in the spirit. Making Rocky Road candy and mini Pumpkin bread (with chocolate and walnuts). Wrapping it all up for the neighbors. 

And look at this totally adorable papier-mâché Santa that the talented Duane Hoffmann made just for me!!! Remember when he made me the Halloween Pumpkin Man


kim said...

Semi-discombobulated holiday here too, but it is what it is, you know? I am learning to drop my decades-old expectations and self-imposed standards and enjoy the little moments.

Merry Christmas, Kim. I hope 2012 is a good year for you.

Kim Carney said...

Thank you, Erin! I was cooking today and had to yell out? ... "what button do I push to start the oven?"

It is as bad as that ... for both of us ;) I just wish we could determine what is going on!

Kim Carney said...

Thank you, Kim! Wishing you a great holiday! Relaxed, fun and full of great xmas music! ;)

I had such a great day today. The first day I have gone out shopping without freelance deadlines looming over me. And because it has been so long since I have actually *been out in the world*, I loved being in the crowds of people. Most of the the folks shopping at Traders Joe's were humming the xmas music and smiling back at me! I finally got my postman, garbage guys, and recycle a little thank you something ... didn't get around to that last year!

Making crepe batter for Xmas morning when the kids will be here (okay, that is just weird to say ... my son will not be here xmas eve) but I digress ... getting ready for the *get-together*. Making carrot soup for us tomorrow night.

Feeling good and thankful today!

xoxoxoxoxo for all the good thoughts and love from you during the year!!!

Shelley Noble said...

Looks sooo good both things! My fav is the shot of you and your sweetheart in the later post!