Friday, December 02, 2011

Black holes

I have 3 trees up but not decorated. Have you noticed an unlit tree is like a black hole in a room, sucking up all the light? We have one massive tree that I plan on getting rid of after Christmas, so why not put that one up this year! Then a tall one. And a delightful 5 ft. that my friend Gerrie gave me. I got them up, cleaned up that mess but have so much work haven't gotten any further than that. Arghh. 

Pixel dreaming of Santa and more. 


s'mee said...

Arghh is right! I usually have up at least 16 trees by this time and nope just the two largest and they are indeed sucking the light out of the room!


Kim Carney said...

the problem is for me ... all I can do is think about how I want to be decorating while I am trying to focus on work ;0