Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sunday Morning Random Blog-Hopping

I woke up at 6am and couldn't go back to sleep. Logged on to Twitter again, added the nifty little Twitter badge to the sidebar.

Then from Jade's blog Spectrescope, I got completely lost in blog hopping from her links. I am so enamored with how many very, very talented people from all over the world are just a keyboard stroke away.

Spirit Cloth, quilting a story shows lovely detail.

Mary Stanley's Hooked Houses on her Art Spirit blog.

Card Generator

Ace Jet 170 - Found things via the always delightful Dear Ada.

Helle's crocheted bracelets are wonderful. Beach Detritus. A lovely blog.

Love Forever shared this fascinating post about Business Card Menger’s Sponge. She mentioned Cabinet Magazine, a magazine I have never heard of (is that possible). This month issue features "Shadows" ... must go hunt that down. When I googled "cabinet shadow" (an item in the magazine), I ran across this wonderful blog, cabinet shadow, practicing to be a real book someday. Hand Shadowgraphy.

Strange maps found on Claire's Little Fish Creations. Also found there a link to Book By Its Cover and Isaac Tobin's sketchbook.

Moo is making NoteCards. I am waiting for my order from VistaPrint of (my) flower postcards. And now I must get to work. Lots to do today ;)

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