Monday, April 30, 2007

Lilacs In Borders

My neighbor gave mom a bouquet of lilacs! Heavenly. So I saw today someone was selling a bundle of these polaroid borders. I did a little search and found some wonderful examples for free, generously created by Andrea Rascaglia, her Deviant art downloadable resources, for us to use for fun only. Tara just purchased some work from Deviant Art and we were talking about what a great site that is.

Lots of other fun stuff to discover on Photoshop Action Exchange. Photoshop brushes from Stephanie on Cynthia at Hybrid Genesis offers lots of wonderful brush sets. Thank you, Cynthia. Or for a something different, create a polaroid border in css (my boss would love it if I could conquer that). And more fun css stuff at Mardarin Design.

Lilac in a polaroid

Lilac in Polaroid T-89

Sweet lilac in vase


Abby Anderson said...

Wow, Kim. Those are BEAUTIFUL.

One Crabapple said...

oh man !! these lilac pictures are SO inspiring !

now I want to paint lilac borders.....gorgeous !

and didn't I LOVE seeing you working there in the post above ?

Love, S

joelle said...

From the top of the page to the bottom, great stuff Kim! Always a pleasure to read your blog.

Curious said...

Hi, nice photos. What kind of camera did you use with the Polaroid T-89? Thanks.