Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I Think I Think, But I'm Not Sure

I wanted to thank the very talented Deborah for mentioning me on her post today in concert with Thinking Blogs. I googled The Thinking Blogs to see what it was all about. Gosh, I giggled, because most of the time, I believe my brain is not *thinking* at all. Although, I try to be witty, caring, inspirational. I always just wanted this is be a place for visual inspiration, as Erica was for me. Reading her blog opened me up to all sorts of treats, treasures, her blogger buddies and I was always so thankful every time I logged on and see what treat she had in store for us that day.

Sometimes I have a little mental pity party about my stats, or *the popular* blogs out there, or if someone has posted some great link that I had months ago, theirs resulting in 50 comments, mine 2. But I stop myself. No. 1 reason: I am not good at commenting on others blogs and I know the blog community is all about reciprocity. It is not that I don't love everyone else's blog, I hop around, see and read some and move on. Commenting for me can be difficult. Hence, if I don't comment so often, it isn't that I don't love what I am experiencing, reading, seeing. Blog hopping is acceptable in my estimation. Time is so limited in my life. Time IS my enemy right now. No. 2 reason: I started this blog for me and only for me. I want to keep that perspective. I love that I have bloggers linking to me and me to them. I love that I have a sense of the creative community, that I feel so connected to, so in love with, so ONE with. But at the end of the day, I take my little flower photos, learn html or how to do technical stuff, find some great links ... selfishly, for me. And share it with the rest of the world, or the world that might be reading my blog. ;) And I hope if I keep doing that, I will not lose my love for my daily retreat into cyberspace and photos. Does any of that make sense?

Anyhoo .... I am thinking of "thinking blogs" for this post.

My first has to be my most amazing friend, Rita. She is the funniest, quickest-witted person I know. I have told her plenty of times she should be writing a book, or a column ... but in the meantime she writes and creates for her blog --Fatale Abstraction. Sometimes I spew red wine from my nose laughing so hard at something she has written. I enjoy that, because ... I am not a humourous person. ;)

No *thinking* list would be complete without Liz! Sweet, smart, adorable, honest, honorable, beautiful Liz.

I have been in love with Matt and his photography since I spied him on Flickr when I first joined. His food adventures, his images, his passion for his work, his cute little dogs, his lovely relationship with his partner. Well, one could get a little envious of all talent!

Paula Becker, thinking with pens and paints. Always a treat to see what has popped out from her hand via her (thinking) head.

Maureen at Raven's Nest, I have met her in person, I know she is a thinker and her passions translate nicely to cyberspace.

Sometimes I get weepy just looking at the wonderful photography Susan post on Visual~Voice, not to mention, the girl can write.

There are so many more I could/should/want to add. Okay, I went over my 5 limit, but I wasn't thinking.


Beth said...

Okay, delurking

I have been making an effort lately to comment more often.

I always think of the women whose blogs I read, out there in the real world, with laundry and kids and jobs and I think it is amazing that you all take the time to write.

I've been reminding myself that noone wants to talk to a void and I think it's just nice to put out the tiny bit of effort it takes to comment, which seems so insignificant compared to the inspiration I recieve in return.

So, regular reader, love your photography, thank you!

Deborah said...

Yeah! I'm so glad you found my mention of you and your delightful blog. I don't comment often either, but it's not because I haven't been here. Thank you for your creative spirit!

phlegmfatale said...

You know, Kim - it's funny that you mention the other people who link to something you linked to aeons ago - I've seen that happen over and over - that someone has a link to something I saw on your site 6 months earlier. You're a trend-setter!

And I'm deeply complimented by your kind words about my writing. That such a golden person as you thinks so highly of me (despite knowing me SO well!) means more to me than a Pulitzer or a book deal ever could. I love you. You're one of the loveliest people on earth, ever.

madretz said...

This seems the perfect post opportunity to introduce myself. I just found your flickr site yesterday, I'm not sure how I linked there since I click all over the place all the time from creative blog to creative blog. But I spent quite some time looking at your photos, especially since I was just in Seattle and went to see the tulips while I was there. :)
Well, I love your photoshop tutorials! I played around with the pop-art one and posted it to my blog yesterday with a link back to your how-to. Thru flickr I found your blog and added it to my blog reader because I admire your creativity, art and photography. Then coincidentally you wrote this post today, seemingly the perfect time for me to write to you as well! :)
Long story making it longer...I'd love for you to see what I did with your pop-art instructions. It's at my blog, not too far down since I just did it yesterday.
And thank you for the inspiration!

Judy said...

My english being what it is, all I want to write is so eloquently said above.Your blog is the first blog I read every morning.It's perfect just the way it is.Dankjewel Kim.

Kim Carney said...

I am touched. Thank you Beth, for checking in and leavng that touching message. Well, honestly, between the work, the cleaning, the commuting. Blogging can be my one touchstone to sanity in a day ;) And thank you for reminding me, I too, should be more sensitive about commenting myself! I am the worst offender ... and I really never mean to be rude...

Deborah, thank you !
Rita, you say that because you have known me so long and we love each other. Not fair. ;)

mad, I saw it. It is wonderful. Thank you for visiting and trying out the tutorial. What a treat.

Judy ... that is most eloquent, and touching. Thank you. I love the little baby birds. I hope you can see those right from your window. I can imagine that.

xoxo everyone.

phlegmfatale said...

NO, Kimmer - I say it because it's true, and everyone who knows you would agree with me, I have no doubt.

paula said...

Wow! I was surprised to see my name listed as one of your choices for the 'thinking blogs'! MOST kind of you, Kim, cuz, as you said, I mostly post drawings these days, more than write. Well! I'll have to get my list up ASAP. And, hey...we know how it goes in having the time to browse blogs and leave comments. Despite your feeling like you don't do that enough, you have a very terrific and successful blog, here. Thanks again, Kim. : )