Saturday, April 14, 2007

Real Rain And 4 Other Senses

I always think about Liz's post about 5 senses, think about them driving to work and back. This is my attempt to do one.

smell | Yesterday, I ventured outside to escape the glow of my computer screen. It was raining, real rain that you could smell and see plopping into big concentric circles on the payment. The air smelled of sweet earth. Sounds silly I know, but as a 16-year Seattleite, I don’t get to smell rain very often. Here rain is defined as low grey skies, slick payment and a mist in the air by no visible signs of raindrops falling.

hear | Last Saturday while catching some air, watching birds frolic in blossoming trees on a quiet work campus. I sat for a moment and listened to Paper Birch trees. The unraveling exterior making a soft, pleasing music in the wind.

taste | Mom made a ½ cabbage of cole slaw with gorgonzola cheese. It was so tasty; I ate the entire bowl.

touch | M and I were walking through a store the other day. He is so much taller than me now but when I see him, I swear I still see the “little guy”. I forced him to hold my hand like we use to do (just for a minute or so). It felt really good to feel his hand in mine, even if it is much larger now.

see | Massive pink Clematis blossoms blooming right in my backyard!


s'mee said...

i love this! May I borrow it for my own blog?? What a great idea Liz had and what a terrific job your version was!

I would enjoy those Paper Birch trees as well! ahh.

Kim Carney said...

well, thank you. Liz does such a great job on hers and I always think, I want to do one of those ;) Of course you can borrow ;) Happy Sunday xoxo

Tara Ross Studios said...

yum, can I have the recipe for gorgonzola coleslaw,,,,,sounds so good!