Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Bottled Up Money

I like to collect little bottles for my vases, but I never pay more than $3 for them. I was surprised by watching Travel Channel's Cash & Treasures how popular and expensive those little glass bottles can be. Beautiful but so expensive.

Dating your bitters bottles.

Recognizing Historical Sites and Artifacts, dating bottles.

Australian Bottle & Collectibles.

Expensive perfume bottles (with the perfume).

Utah bottle collectors.

Antique Bottle Shows

Added later: Found Jeff Crandall wonderful Poet's Bottles via Daily Poetics and realized it must be an addition to this entry!

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cally said...

Hi Kim
I've not been by here in ages, too long. Loving your flower photo's and a treat to see you've been playing at colour week as well, love that green thumb!