Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Today - Sun!

Drove to the airport and look what we saw! Mt. Rainier with a wispy little cloud hanging on the very tippy top. Forget talking on your cell phone while driving, let's talk about shooting while driving.

Mt. Rainier

Missed the mountain but got this wonderful ray of sun.

Mt. Rainier

And then we caught the sun going down behind the Olympic Mountains!

Olympic Mountains

Edmonds Ferry


Wendi said...

Great shots! So nice to see the sun. :)

la vie en rose said...


stef said...

it's scenes like these that make the rainy days worth it. thank you for sharing!

Karen said...

Those are beautiful!
I made a comment to my husband that Mt Rainier had whipped cream on it :D

Friederike! said...

Beautiful landscape! I wish I would be there. we have rain since days.

kelly said...

how blessed to be living in such a beautiful landscape,

Charlotte said...

Oh how I miss that view! I so wish we could visit again.. it's been way too long. I definitely plan on going back.. soon hopefully :)