Monday, February 06, 2006

Blogger, We Have A Problem

I have had several problems the last three or so days. First, everytime I posted, saved as draft or published - I could see it had saved but when I went to my blog, the entry or saved entry had disappeared. This happened at several locations, so I know it was not a computer glitch. I sent a inquiry message but have not heard back. So we will see it this one publishes or not. DID ANYONE ELSE HAVE THIS PROBLEM?

Then, with the wind storm, we lost power and provider service. I also lost my external drive (LaCie) connection and can't seem to get that to load up again. Of course, ALL of my work resides on that drive.

Amidst the computer crisis we managed to have some fun. Mom cooked fajitas, cornbread, chili, guacamole, lots of good food for a Super Bowl combo Birthday party. I decorated the ceiling with wonderful Mexican paper garlands that friends send me from San Antonio.


la vie en rose said...

how fun! your superbowl gathering looks a heck of a lot more fun than ours. i did laundry and cleaned the house. i've heard others complaining about blogger problems over the weekend too so i don't think you were alone.

*jenny said...

What fun! I love those bright paper garland thingies, the ones that have bird cutouts and such. Where did you get those bits of wonderfulness? I am so coveting!

Kim Carney said...

I know you can get them anywhere in San Antonio, Texas. Alas, I am very far away from there. I am searching now! I know I have seen them online

meggiecat said...

Blogger was out of service for a long time on Friday and they are going down again tonight at 7PM.
Here is the url of Blogger Status with some explanation.
Unfortunately it may be on the same server we are so if we are down there isn't any way to check with them. I go nuts thinking that my computer is the problem too. Good luck with that external drive.