Thursday, February 09, 2006

Things That Make Me Smile!

If this does not make you smile, nothing will! Donald Metzner on flickr has the most amazing wildlife photography. Here he has captured a Western Meadowlark and has even added his song! Thank you, Donald, that made my day complete.

And speaking of of wild and wonderful photography, it looks like another one of my flickr faves,
Matthew, has a blog. Don't forget to check out Chubby Hubby and his great food links.

this will make you cry and smile. Please let them keep her forever. And then there is Lazy Bones! And if you have not visited Dogs in my Bed, you really should.


Linda said...

I'm convinced there's nothing sweeter than the pure openness and unadulterated expression of a dog's face. :-)

Jessica said...

Thank you for the Matt Blog. I have promptly added it to my favorites.
Have a great day!

Kim Carney said...

Especially a dog IN BED, there can be not happier animal!

Thanks Jessica, he is a great photographer!