Tuesday, February 28, 2006


I am helping D make a mask for a photo shoot. Something in this nature with feathers made out of newspapers.

I found some wonderful site celebrating mask of the world,
North America, South America, Europe. Mask from Latin America. Guatemalan Masks. Instructions on how to make furry masks.

Dennis Nechvatal’s
"Face/Mask", Kristen W. papier mache mask, Claudia Cave dreaming up mask paintings,

Third Grader's
West African Paper Masks, Middle School Paper Mache Masks. Fun and bright animal mask.

Mexican Folk Art - Pre-Columbian Culture Paper
Mache Masks and Heads. Mask making instructions.

The poster below was my son's class years ago. I saw them and had to shoot them. I recreated each one in illustrator and made 500 cards to sale for school fund-raiser. There is nothing more wonderful than children's art.


Joanne S said...

I LOVE the class pictures turned into art and then cards. I would have purchased them. Terrific fund raiser.

Linda said...

I would have purchased it too. Agree - love it, the colors are magical!

Kaleidoscopic Kris said...

So vibrant! Very inspiring :)