Monday, February 06, 2006

Paper Picados And Garlands

Jenny was asking where to buy those garlands. A friend sent me the paper garlands from Texas. I asked for them for Christmas. I found a few sources for them online. My picados are not paper. I bought those in San Antonio many years ago, in plastic.

paper garlands are my favorite, very affordable and look so fun hanging. Paper flower tissue garland.

Paper picados and garlands

Lee Carter has
paper picados, ones with skeletons and all kinds of fun stuff!

Artist that makes Papel Picados. A fun Day of the Dead teacher packet! This is brilliant! Quilts inspired by picados by Leslie Gabriëlse. Exposure to Mexican culture folkart from Thinking Heart.

Plus this wonderfully designed site, that offers
Mexican paper picados and 3D Paper garlands. But the site is worth several click throughs! I love this English handmade wire chandelier.


Becca said...

I love the paper garlands! You are amazingly creative ... a marvelous artist.

la vie en rose said...

that chanelier rocks!

Cassi said...

Great links and photos Kim, thank you!

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