Monday, February 27, 2006

Japanese Style

A beautiful friend, Yumiko started a blog. She visited Washington State as a student and lived with Sherry for a time. She is now an editorial designer in Japan, also as an editor/writer of Hawaiian Hula magazine, called HULA Le'a. Cool, Yumiko.

blog, it is beautiful! Rubber stamps at ATELiER HEKISUI.

Studio Hapuna Miwa and Hapuna Net Works.

Polaroid690 by lomo papi in Japan. Polaroid gallery in Japan.


karin said...

Lovely links, Kim! thanks for sharing!

Nimbostratusdweller said...

Well that little Yumiko, I didn't know ( wasn't able to get out of her ) what she was doing. I assumed graphics, and I asked her, but you know Japanese don't like to talk of themselves. So how many guns did it take, Kim, to get her to talk.

My little hula e Yumiko, what a beauty, and one smart cookie, too.