Tuesday, December 28, 2004


I am a re-gift-wrapper. I admit it. I do not throw away tissue paper, ribbon over 3-inches long, re-usable gift bags, wine-bottle gift bags, a piece of wrapping paper that I deem re-usable. When my son was young, and we would go to those kiddie birthday parties, I was the weird mom collecting the scads of ribbon headed to the trash. What possesses me? Saving the environment? Re-using? Waste-Not-Want-Not? Any of the above? I have been afflicted with this sickness for years and have an entire corner in the basement dedicated to wrapping resources. I also can not throw away packing material, peanuts, and bubble wrap. What is up with that? If I don't use it, I take it to my favorite mailing store.

My other alligator clips. Aren't those just the best little invention. Also bought the little pictures holders at Paper Zone, which display little inspirations for the season.

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suburbansider said...

Kim you are my gift wrapping GURU !
All your ideas are so cool and beautifuly done. Actually all of the packages at the Nice Package Group at flickr are pretty special. I want a "Gift Wrap Room".