Wednesday, December 29, 2004

The Best Of Us

Valentine's Day 2002. I made a mini-book for my husband. The book was called the "BEST OF US" but was really all the worst photos that we had ever taken. The silly ones -- me early in the morning before coffee, my son having a break-down during his "Christmas Outfit" photo session. I measured it all out and had the images line up so I could use my handy 1/2 inch punch on the front and back to let the images peek through. Message on last page -- "The best of us is yet to come." Made this when I was totally into making little books. Am still in the mood, don't have the time. I made many little books like this -- also made little mini-portfolios to mail out.


Jes said...

Kim...I'm finally getting over to visit! I'm visiting via Kathleen (liquid sky arts). those little books, actually had fun reading your blog! I LOVE those papier mache dogs/snowman your co-worker makes!

I love paper...and love inspirational sites that showcase their paper goods! I'll definetly be back!

Kim Carney said...

Thank you Jes. Being the master-paper-hoarder, I am always trying to make something useful to justify my vast collection of paper products. Thank you Kathleen for being so supportive.