Friday, February 11, 2011


630a - my son wakes me up to remind me we have jury duty today. It was canceled. But a cup of coffee, I was awake and could not go back to sleep. He made Bri the sweetest birthday cake last night. It went all wrong but looked so cute!

It always happens like this ... the minute I decide, I must leave the computer and go work in the studio ... something comes through email. Today was a little freelance job. I worked on that for a minute and now waiting for new text. Excited to have some freelance coming in.

Then decided I should put slideshows on my portfolio. While I was interviewing this week and watching people scroll through my work on my portfolio page (note to self: put those slideshows in!) Also waiting to hear about that contract gig all day. Fingers crossed.

Mom feed me lunch about then. My neighbor called me on Skype/Go To Meeting to try and figure out a audio problem he is having. I talked, he recorded and we tested. We talked Wordpress. I love Skype!

Another recruiter called me about a very interesting job. I applied for two more jobs that looked interesting. Worked on my list for sending out a printed piece for freelance. And gathering art for such a promotional piece.

More organizing images for more slideshows. Worked on my rings designs. I thought I would send them off today but I guess it will have to be Monday now.

And now it is 530p ... and NOW I am going to the studio. I did clean up my Brantlers mess in the garage this week. That made D very happy. A clean slate to dirty once more. Also worked on my Brantlers website ... it is not close to being finished. Still a work in progress. Investigating PayPay buttons.

Also email back and forth about ASU and my art teacher, Otis Lumpkin today with Faith and Ben (ASU alumni and art students). So goodnight, internet!

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