Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Music, connect the dots

It is weird to think how much Gregorian Chant music I have. I use to listen to this all the time (late 20-30's)! I should dig those old tunes out now, I think I need them! Although I am not Catholic, I love the repetition, the Latin (back when they spoke Latin during service) and observed traditions. Matt says the chants sound like someone breathing in and out, hence, soothing. My little musician theorist. I really wish he would pursue his music a little more. His beats, his mixing, his trombone ... he has such a gift with music that I think he is just ignoring. His dad is music-obsessed! We listen to all types of music in this house. M has been exposed to it all. Of course, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Rap, C&W, Pop and Rock. Well, we run the gamut here.

And along the way feel in love with Enigma. I am sure I ran across them on The Mission. That is what D thinks, anyway. I am sure he is right. Something about their music almost puts me in a trance.

I can't listen to Gabriel's Oboe without crying.

I also have lots of American Indian music and Bird song cd's which I play at the same time in separate rooms. This drives my family insane!

And I guess, while I am talking about my favorite beats, I should include this. From the 5th Element. The first time I saw the Blue Diva singing Lucia di Lammermoor's aria "The Mad Scene" sung by Inva Mula Tchako, I immediately starting hunting down the artist, the opera, the aria ... when I really need to feel emotions, I dig out my 5th Element cd ...

And lastly, since I talking about my music obessions, is to include my favorite duet ... Lakme's Flower Duet. From the minute I heard it on the soundtrack of Someone to Watch Over Me, I hunted it down and I own every version of the opera. I made all my friends listen to it until they were mad at me. So when D bought me tickets to the real Lakme, I was thrilled to hear in person. From the minute they begin singing until curtain call, I cried, tears of joy for having heard an opera I had heard so many years on my cassette player and later cd's ... in person! A highlight of my life!


Evie said...

The birdsongs and Flower duet are simply marvellous - thank you!!

Maxinetoo said...

I love the Indian music and birds together ... very soothing.