Sunday, February 27, 2011

'Green Trick'

Discovered Green Trick Dianthus at the Northwest Flower and Garden show. Definitely something I want to grow or buy! What can I say? I am in love! I finally found an image online at Modern Petals Blog, see below.

Growing with Plants: "This amazing new cutflower may mark the end of those green-dyed Carnations we all shriek at on St. Patrick’s day. Finally, a true green Dianthus is hitting the market.
First, this is not a true carnation at all (Dianthus caryophyllus) but rather, it is a Dianthus barbatus cultivar, or Sweet William, But a Sweet William that looks more like a ball of moss".

Check out Plant Society Magazine, Issue 4 - The Japan Issue.

David promised he would stay clear of the Peonies since we have no place to plant any more. But he did bring home some dahlias that I think we look so sweet growing together. Little Scottie, Willo Borealis and Lupin Britain. Don't you love Jeannie Leroux, looking like a delicate sea urchin.

I didn't take my camera, I am thinking now that was a mistake.

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