Monday, February 21, 2011


Lunch:  left-over Indian from Vatika, a new restaurant in Edmonds that we had for D's birthday dinner last night. D spent a good amount of time at Borders, looking over reduced-priced books. I hate to see Borders close! We rediscovered of a couple BBC oldie-but-goodies, Monarch of the Glen and Father Ted. Also found a new one the other night, Peep Show ... boy I needed some good laughs like that!

I am observing the holiday, by not applying for jobs today ;) Cleaning house instead, hoping to clean all the way to the studio.

One corner of our house, Old West- Cowboy and Indian + a little junk store. Oaxacan carvings and Bruce Morrow Blue Rider print. Junk store Indian and Buffalo painting. Rusty metal box filled with type and my treasured Oaxacan Bear by José Hernandez.

A couple of the totem collection, carved cedar feathers by Cowlitz tribe member Robert Harju and a Corn Maiden totem by Dwight Mahooty. The large totem D bought me many years ago, small black, carved fetish from my S-I-L and a beautiful ceramic woven pot with lid from Bo.


My S-I-L gave us the little Cowboy and Indian metal figures, a toy gun found at a flea market and a souvenir teacup and saucer from Livingson, Montana (D's favorite place).

Souvenir cups


meggiecat said...

Hey! Is that your original brantlers I see above the painting? Cool.

Kim Carney said...

it is!!!! xoxoxo

Maxinetoo said...

Meggiecat beat me to it ... I was going to say ... you forgot to mention the very cool "brantlers". :)

Shelley Noble said...

Kim this tableau is amazingly lovely and well curated/displayed! Have you ever considered interior design for others?!