Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Thank You!

I can't say thank you enough for making me feel so special! And not so unique in my quirkiness. But a part of a larger group of women just like me! It is so satisfying and such a relief.

I presented my final project tonight, it wasn't perfectly done. But it was so near complete. More importantly ... I finished this semester. And now, I fear, I am hooked on being a student again. Then I finished off the perfect, busy day by finding a site where I can buy Adobe CS 4, very affordable on my student status. I am so excited. I feel like I might be getting back into this century with my new computer and some updated software. Honestly, I have been so afraid to spend any money on non-essential expenses because of the economy but I decided the other day to bite the bullet. So, Merry Christmas to myself.


Dana said...

Yay for student discounts!

Bill Stankus said...

Good for you! Tho I'm ready for 1960 or 1856. I can't make a list of many things that wonderful in this time and place (excluding gadgets and medical advances).

Erin Wilson said...

Wooot! Merry Christmas to yourself, indeed!

And spending like this is investment into your skills. Nothing better to do for yourself in a crap economy.

dee said...

After reading "Antithesis" I realize why we get on so well. I only wish I had your Mom to cook those meals. And some comfortable clothes would be great. Something I don't have to take out a bank loan for.
Congrats Kim on finishing your project and going back to school for any reason at our age is a challenge that I'm not willing to take on. One more reason to adore you from afar.

Try the Japanese pillow. Google them. There are a bunch of different kinds. I've always had the Sobakawa but bought "Beans 72.com" last time. Beware though, it's like sleeping on rice crispies till you get used to it and it's a small pillow-like child sized. I got it to help with my neck about 20 years ago. I'll never go back. It absorbs the heat and keeps the sleep surface cool-very important to me since I'm apparently a hot head(har).
Go celebrate your superfantastic self!
I wish I could send you a photo of my outfit right now....bag lady does the burbs

Michelle (a.k.a. la vie en rose) said...

go you!

S'mee said...

ditto to all above comments! Onward!

kim said...

I really needed to read this post this morning. As I look down at my own jeans (men's carpenter jeans,ultra unchic, paint-covered)and my own house (most but not all decorating happened yesterday, 12 people to dinner Friday)and begin hearing that little "I should be able to juggle all these projects better than this..." voice, I need to calm down and know that this is OK. Even people I admire, like you, struggle sometimes. Thank you.