Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Lite

Christmas is missing something this year ... D's family. It will be a quiet and lonely Christmas without them. Christmastime is all about our family-time. I decided to go 'tree lite" this year. As most of you know, D and I collect Christmas ornaments (among many other things) and we have over 500. But in the time crunch, I decided to use only balls. It wasn't as satisfying but trees are up and running. The boxes stowed. Wreaths and Santa collection up. Missing, ... family. We miss you guys!


wreath and santas

2009 trees, late

Pica wondering what all the fuss is about.

Pica avoiding "the baby"


KS Grandma said...

Because we are staying home this year we procrastinated and got behind and the trip to Jetmore over last weekend didn't help so maybe next year we will join you and not upset the routine - but we look forward to the Spring and Matt's Jazz concert. Your trees look great - enjoy the Season. Luvyall

phlegmfatale said...

No, that's Pica wishing Auntie Rita would come for a visit so he can pee on her clothes. The house looks lovely, as ever. Wish I could see you this holiday. Thinking of all you and wishing you warm, merry and very very happy. I love you!

katenelson said...

A big box of budget Christmas should be there or almost there. Matt's present to folo - Santa got confused. Miss you all so much.

Gini Lawson said...

You'd hardly know it was Christmas "light" - your trees and decorations are beautiful. Cheers for the season!

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