Sunday, December 06, 2009

Prison Penpals

I was searching for something in my blog for someone and ran across this post from March 2008 that I guess I never published but it is still pretty interesing.

You could have your own prison penpal.

Or you could meet your inmate, at any age ... is this real?

Or there is always inmates for you. !!!!

" provides a user friendly, searchable database for which to correspond with those that are in county, state or federal prisons across the US. We charge a nominal fee to help with the time and costs involved in maintaining the website, sending out mailers and fulfilling orders.

Not only do I communicate with the inmates listed within here as a service provider, but I have also had the opportunity to reply back to personal letters written directly to me. This has aided me in getting to know more about what prison life is like. I can honestly say there are sincere, caring women in prison who want nothing more than a pen pal or friend to correspond with. Some may even look to you as more than a friend and possible partner in a relationship. Either way there is someone out there for all of us."

Honestly, if you just google "prisoners photos" there are more sites than I can list here. I am have written a email to ask about this and am investigating this further. I think this is very, very odd. And definitely needs some more research.


Brenda Kula said...

Uh, I have to agree with you. I corresponded with Royal Russell Long in connection with the abductions of Charlotte Kinsey and Cinda Pallett in 1987, for which a feature was written about me. I of course was trying to get information. They are still missing, and he has since died. He was not convicted of this abduction, but of another one. I wrote a blog entry about it about a month ago. Very eerie stuff. FBI monitored everything. I started getting strange calls from all over. How did they all know about these letters? Who knows. If you're interested, I'll go look what category I filed it under. I think I named the entry Imagine This or something like that.

kate said...

Here's some grim but oddly fascinating reading: Last meals of Texas' executed prisoners:

What would your last meal be? God, how do you rule anything out?

S'mee said...

i'm stumped.