Monday, September 25, 2023

Getting along alone

I love watching all the spiders very busy the time of year, and wonder why they have to build their webs across a walkway. I gently push them to one side and before I know, they are back in the walkway. 

Sleeping is still an issue. I never feel afraid here by myself. To be honest, I never feel "by myself". Sometimes I wake up with the distinct feeling everyone is here with me. It is a warm feeling.

Mason and I enjoyed a brunch and toy shopping on Sunday. I was feeling a little flu-ish because of the Covid/flu vaccines but we managed through the day. The thing I notice about Mason when we are out together is how nice and polite she is to everyone. Speaking to all, thanking everyone ... I am always so proud of her. A month or so ago, while we were out "lunching", as girls will do, she ran into her old teacher. She went over and they had a long conversation. It was very sweet. Anyway, I am feeling better. Between being sore from my fall and my arm from shots and the flu symptoms, I am glad to feel better. 

I can not figure out what to eat these days! I am hungry but everything seems terrible. I have ended up eating lots of baked potatoes. They always sound good. I had my mouth set for Pacific Cod yesterday. Baked some potatoes and opened the fish to cook and HOLY MOLEY, did it smell bad. I guess I found out what had gone awry in my fridge. 

In a couple if meals, I ate all the lettuce in the veg drawer and I am feeling very proud of myself. I have used up several bottles of dressings and a couple of honeys (with yogurt and crunchy bits). So I need to go shopping. I just can't figure out what I should buy for a protein. I am thinking about more of those Trader Joe's frozen dinners, to have them on hand when I am hungry. 

I have been watching PBS Van Der Valk, season 3. Such a good series. Unforgetten season 5 is coming Oct. 1. Another wonderful show. I think I mentioned this before, but I am now addicted to Inside No. 9. It is very dark and some are very funny.  Might not be your cup of tea.

"British black comedy anthology television programme that first aired in 2014. Each 30-minute episode is a self-contained story with new characters and a new setting, almost all starring Pemberton or Shearsmith (usually both). Aside from the writers, each episode has a new cast, allowing Inside No. 9 to attract a number of well-known actors. The stories are linked only by the number 9 in some way, typically taking the form of a door marked with the number 9, and a brass hare statue that is in the background of all episodes. Themes and tone vary from episode to episode, but all have elements of comedy and horror or perverse humour, in addition to a plot twist. Pemberton and Shearsmith took inspiration for Inside No. 9 from an episode of Psychoville, a previous project, which was filmed in a single room – this in turn was inspired by Alfred Hitchcock's Rope."

I think the kids are really moving back in, pretty soon I guess. Months I am guessing. I need to get in gear to get this place tidied up and the extra crap out of here. 

Oh, how I love Tramp Art!

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