Monday, May 21, 2007

Weekend Blur


Got to see Paula’s wonderful painting at On Wing" juried art show in Edmonds.

Grocery shopped with mom Saturday morning

Got a decent hair cut

Spent too much money at Jazz Band Auction (and time running errands for)

Threw this together for Festivities Saturday night and early Sunday morning

My friend stopped by and we headed over to Fred’s gallery opening

More grocery shopping on the way home.

Took a couple of flower pictures in a new vase from Jazz Auction.

Friends came over, we drank their wine, talked about coordinating another block party for this year.

Checked in with work

Worked on a color consultant proposal

Put finishing touches on Merrill Collection

Fell into bed, was unconscious in minutes.


Tara Ross Studios said...

Our block parties are over Memorial Weekend, they are super boring,,,, everyone stands around and just stars at each other. No drinking, the food isn't very good, etc.... :(

Can I come to yours? Ha!

Kim Carney said...

come on over, rick is making cocktails!