Monday, May 21, 2007

Bright Spot

In the blur of driving home completely exhausted. Swearing I would come home and go right to bed! At the store, I did find a couple of bright spots in an otherwise dreary day.

rock rose


kelly said...


Tara Ross Studios said...

They look like delicate crepe paper!

phlegmfatale said...

These white poppies look impossibly perfect - exquisite!!!

Everytime I see your photos I realize I SO under-use my camera.

Wendee said...

Oh, just gorgeous!
I used to buy myself bunches flowers, every once in a while. Something fresh, bright, sweet. I stopped doing that a while ago and wistfully look at the bunches at the market, as I rush past to get to the bananas.. Your photos are like getting a fresh new blossom every few days, a really nice treat for myself. Thank you for posting these and keep 'em coming!

"Maggie" said...

This is just gorgeous, poppies are one of my most favorite flowers and I just bought two more!