Thursday, May 31, 2007

Graceful Aging

This tulip aged very gracefully. I love the way snowballs drop tiny white petals over the dining room table top, giving the impression it has just snowed there. Or the way a rose will dry up to a beautiful, muted-color sculpture.

old tulip

old tulip



Shelley Noble said...

Holy Bajeebies, Kim! That last one knocked my socks right off! Are you getting that great depth of field in camera or PS?

Anaïs said...

Hi! I'm a botanist and landscape architect from Montreal, Canada. I'm absolutely enchanted by your wonderfull detailed pictures of plants. The capacity you have in capturing their graceful beauty reminds me of the reason why I chose this path. Thanks for bringing to light this life's blessings!

I've found this blog while looking up in google how silk was discovered. I was taken in by your picture shot at the The Weaving Works (the one that read "silk in my hands"). The internet reminds me of the times you are looking for a word in the dictionnary and end up finding someting totally different and exciting.

Have a good day!