Saturday, May 26, 2007

Lorelle on WordPress

Lots of great blogging tips and much more from Lorelle via Radiant woman, thanks Miriam!

I made a hair apppointment for 10a this week and forgot the artist connects meeting was this morning. Argh, will eventually get accustom to my new hours and days! Sorry I missed you Paula.

Watched "Night at the Museum" last night with M, very entertaining. I needed a diversion and a corn dog! M and I indulged in both.


miriam said...

Blogging connects people, someone linked to you, I leave a comment, you come and look, and you find Lorelle. This is the fun part and you learn new things on the way too.

Lorelle said...

**looking under a rock** Ah, there she is!! I FOUND LORELLE!

Thanks for the recommendation. Miriam is right. Blogging is a great connector, linking all great folks together through the magic of links and trackbacks. It's too much fun, isn't it!

The best part for me is that I get to help people blog and communicate via their blog every day. I'd say that life is pretty darn good. Thanks for being a part of my joy!