Thursday, May 10, 2007

Found Tonight

Had time tonight to visit the backyard and find some treats. And still had a little light left to shoot them, a treat for me!

Another clematis


Snowball bouquet

snow ball bouquet

Korean miniature lilac

tiny lilac

Yellow rose

yellow rose


indigo16 said...

Beautiful photographs as always. I am counting the days untill i can order my dslr to fit my macro lens

Deb R said...

Beautiful photos. The second one looks like it should be in a Martha Stewart book.

Anonymous said...

Kim - I got a white hyacinth o r whatever your picture is of - for Valentine's Day that has done beautifully in the house and is now bright green - is that normal. Love Peggyphxdwp

The Crafty-Girl™ said...

stunning...gorgeous...delightful! love these, kim. hopefully photographing the flowers made you smile inside! ;)

tongue in cheek said...

a rose is a rose is a rose
no matter what angle.
Stunning perfection!

Shelley Noble said...

Good God Woman!! Is that shot taken in your house?!!! Spectacular! You should be featured in several types of magazines; "Country Living", "Metropoitan Home", "Glory of Florals", and "Omagawd I'm So Talented".

Monique Duke said...

I've been loving these on flickr, but neglected to say anything. Just beautiful and sweet

turquoise cro said...

ahhhHHH! There they are!!! Lucky YOU! having a snowball bouquet in the house!!! Happy Week-end sweets! xoCinda