Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Commute Chat

One plus to being stuck in 5 o'clock traffic, is that it gives me time to call my friend and have a good chat. She told me about this piece she had seen on HDTV about a concrete mosaic quilt. Of course, I googled it as soon as I got home. I didn't find it on the HDTV site, but I found this one. Fabulous idea!

Mosaic Chair and this stunning Peacock Throne by Suzan Germond.

How to mount rubber stamps by Michelle Ward (her wonderful blog). Via (lots-o-great-links) Mika Arts.


meggiecat said...

Luckily, I had recorded that episode of That's Clever from HGTV. The artist's name is Faith Schexnayder and her website is here
Her TV appearance is here

The fascinating part to me was that she carved foam and then slathered the sculpted shape with cement. She has pieces that are just covered with cement and others that are covered with mosaic. The recipe for the cement mixture is on step 9 on the HGTV site I mentioned. "9. Place three cups of cement and nine cups of sand in a cement-mixing trough. Add 1/2 cup of fiberglass fibers to strengthen the mixture and reduce cracking. 10. Add latex additive and water and mix into a thick paste."

I have sculpted foam and then covered it with paper mache to make props for retail windows. The cement version would be faster and more permanent. Seeing her work was a wow moment for me.

Loved our chat.

Shelley Noble said...

Hi Kim (and Meggiecat!!) I loved this quilt! it is a wow moment! Wouldn't it be great in your outdoor garden bedroom idea, Kim!? wow.

Anonymous said...

Hi Maggiecat.
Faith Schexnayder here. Im a little slow in finding your post!
Thanks for viewing it. I hope that it helped inspire you to do some cool stuff!
If you have any questions I am more then happy to try to answer any you may have!
Until then, happy artmaking!
Faith Schexnayder Flatfork Studio