Tuesday, March 13, 2007


My best friend from college, Faith, and her posse, Mackenzie, Ian and Nita came to visit! Yesterday we did Pike Place Market, Bodies Exhibit, driving around Seattle. Today we headed out to Fort Casey, Deception Pass, La Conner (and a couple of daffodils fields) and Mt. Baker. Tomorrow skiing (for some) and the Glass Museum for some of us! And today I turned 51 :) where did the year go?

Space Needle

Pike Place Market

Mack at Pike Place

Pike Place Market

Going into the Bodies Exhibit

going to Bodies Exhibit

Fort Casey

Mackenzie on a rock

Something found on the beach.

Something extraordinary found on the beach

healthy attachments

I was there, at Fort Casey

I was here

Daffodils at La Conner

La Conner Daffodils

Are we there yet?

Backseat prisoners

Driving to Mt. Baker, trying to see the Ice Caves.

Driving to Mr. Baker

Nita in the snow


Joelle said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time! The fields in La Connor are stunning!

dee said...

Happy Birthday girl-you look wonderful and it appears you have climbed out of the doldrums-could you please give me a hand up?

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Kimmy!! Hope it was fabuloso and that you have the most fabulous year!! The Linda

Kate I said...

Have a wonderful birthday Kim!

Wendee said...

Happy Birthday!! Looked like a really fun time - everyone has such great, warm smiles. Great photo of the space needle. I love the macro shots of all the found things (actually, I really enjoy all of the macro photos you take). They seem to really appeal to my sense of myopia ...

Angela said...

Happy Birthday Kim! Wishing you all the best!0115

chronicler said...

happy birthday Kim! Sounds like it was well spent. a day late here, but wishing you best wishes all the same!

Ellen Byrne said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I see you had a grand celebration cavorting and galavanting in the great outdoors! The photos are terrific! Give a wonderful sense of being there.

Best wishes for the year ahead!


jill said...

Oh darn, I missed it by a day!! Happy (Belated) Birthday!!

Looks like you all had a wonderful visit... Such a treat to have friends around for your big day.

Keep on trekken'...

Tara Ross Studios said...

Happy Birthday, looks like fun!

Judy said...

Happy Birthday !Gelukkige verjaardag! I love the pictures,they really illustrate what must have been a wonderful day.

Amy said...

Looks like it's been a great visit! Happy birthday to you too :).

herself said...

A most happy birthday, Kim! Great photos, beautiful people having a special time--how perfect.

Rachel said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Kim. I wish you a year full of inspiration, art and armfuls of flowers.

This collection of photos jump started my day.