Sunday, March 25, 2007

Answer Me This

Yesterday I took a little walk at work to breathe in some moist, cold, Seattle air and look at what is blooming on campus. But here is my question: why do the trees and shrubs that bloom in the spring have such a sweet, but delicate scent. Almost undetectable at first but once you catch the slight, fragrant scent, it is complete heaven.

what I saw yesterday at work

Oregon grape has become one of my favorite sniffs this spring.

Below, a Spring snow magnolia blossom.

Tulip tree blossom

I finished my last butterfly canvas last night, made from decorative envelopes and green monopoly money. I am calling it "check is in the mail". It feels so good to use up little bits and pieces of saved papers that hang about my studio in various boxes and bags.

"Check is in the mail"

And this entry for the grandparents. M had his big jazz concert last night. He looked so handsome in his suit and tie. Sorry, my photos are so blurry.

jazzman with his dad


So now I am off to get my supply list together today.


Katie said...

Wow! I can't believe how grown up Matt is now! Quite the dapper young man!

turquoise cro said...

That snow magnolia is Beauty full!!! Wish I could seeeeeeeeee it in person! M looks really handsome! GLAD you've decided to go to Artfest! They say it changes your life!!! I can never afford it! *sigh* Have FUN!!! xoCinda

dee said...

Oh My-they are so ready for their close-up! Very handsome. Isn't it fun how well they look when you get them al cleaned up? Same thing here. Kicking and screaming all the way.
I am so in love with your butterflies and now you've given me yet another way to melt into the ether at dear ada and stuart haygarth-I have a bunch of that screen in the basement-it's on my list're a wonder

Scott W said...

Those guys--handsome AND stylish!