Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I almost finished 3 of 4 8x8 art for ArtFest tonight ;) I blame the butterfly punch.

8x8 canvas "beauty caught"

8x8 canvas "beauty caught"


dee said...

that looks wonderful. I like the grid mixed with the soft effect of the butterflies. Imagine cutting all of them out. Thank goodness for punches. I'm still enlarging and looking dreamily at yesterday's flower shots-heavenly

jenny said...


i saw these photos on flickr this morning and this piece just takes my breath away! it's wonderful, i hope you create a lot more like this!

if you are ever interested in trading some artwork, i would really love to hang one of these in my home someday!

just gorgeous.

jill said...

Almost? What do you mean, this is divine just as is... so fluttery, so light, just amazing.

I guess you could call it a Happy Accident.

Elaine said...

This just took my breath away. Simply beautiful!

Ellen Byrne said...

This is soooo beautiful!

Wendee said...

All the butterflies are fun, but this first set is so delicate and pretty. I love seeing creative experiments and inspirations like this that turn out so wonderfully ...

scottishlass said...

Hi Ive just stumbled on to your lovely site - WOW!!! I love it!
My wee girl makes cards for birthdays etc and she loves butterflies, can you tell me what make the punch is as her birthday (9) is coming up and Id love to get one for her to use in her card making. Any I've seen before are just plain and ordinary. Mind you Im in the UK and our craft supplies are hopeless to yours!
Kind regards

Kim Carney said...

Hello Wendy, you don't have a email address on your comment ;( so I am hoping you will see this response.

I posted a bunch of butterfly stuff for you daughter, hoping she has as much fun as I did.