Monday, March 19, 2007

Panic Mode

I am so behind on everything in my life and today I am feeling the weight of that pressure like a ton of bricks. Getting ready for ArtFest, making trades. Not even sure I will have time to do that. The theme of trades this year will be charms. And I did make a charm bracelet of Monopoly houses for a real estate friend. So I was thinking maybe I could pull that off. Also I have been collecting and cutting up old tin for a year now to make one of these very cute bracelets. Not sure I have time to cut and sand a bunch of little tin charms?

Monopoly house braclet

making house charms

making tin charms (maybe)

I also started the 8x8 canvas of butterflies that I would like to finish to participate in the gallery show at ArtFest.

Need to get my suppy list together for the Keith Lo Bue class I have for two days.

Not to mention a prototype I am putting together for a friend, must finish that today! And a little freelance job I worked on all day yesterday. Of course, this does not include of the real work I have due at my job and the on-the-job-training that I have brought home and need to finish up one of the courses online.

So, I am having a little mental breakdown this morning ;) Wish me luck.


Izabella said...

have you taken one of Keith's classes?!

oh so jealous am I :) wish I was going to Artfest this year~ loved Keith's was an amazing experience~


Judy said...

Very busy indeed.I love the idea of the Monopoly houses bracelet(I'm graduating next summer as a real estate agent).And again u have inspired me towards new ideas.Dankjewel.