Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I spent most of yesterday contacting, calling, emailling M's teachers. After a broken collar bone and a week out with a terrible flu, he is very behind in school. ;0

I made some trades yesterday, which I had decided to just blow off due to time. I also got obsessed with making tin charms ... not sure I conquered that. Still can't find the tool to put the rivet on ... for another time, I guess. But I have NO nails lets! I managed to file and chip most of them off yesterday.

artfest dog tags

My neighbors Trillium are blooming!




dee said...

OMG Kim those trillium are outstanding. Otherworldly.
I found some perforated paper in my closet of shame today in silver and gold that made me think of the whole punched paper thing. If I can get to the store tomorrow I'm in the market for some punches. Talk to you soon
Glad your patient is recovering nicely

herself said...

Gah! Kim, your florals this week are especially slaying! You are THE finest Photofloralist I have ever ever seen in the world ever ever. Ever.

Loving the tin too. How are yo using rivits? tutorial? little? please?

Andrea said...

I love those charms! And the flowers are amazing!

Erika said...

Picking trilliums? My understanding is that puts them in shock for a few years. They might not bloom next year. :/

Kim Carney said...

Erika ... I don't know. My neighbor gives them to me, she has a back yard full of them. I will have to ask her about that.