Monday, March 19, 2007

Feeling Scared

Dominque Browning, Editor of House & Garden magazine, has an excellent editorial in the April 2007 issue on "Our Planet, Ourselves".

National Geographic has a special report in the April 2007 issue on "Saving the Sea's Bounty". As a side note, this is piece was shot by Randy Olson (and his wife, Melissa Farlow, also a wonderful photographer) that D and I have the privileged to know. I have been feeling guilty for sometime when I eat fish. The idea that of over-fishing takes the pleasure out of eating crab, lobster or any fish for that matter. I hardly ever do. I have not been to one of those steak and lobster restaurants in over 20 years. And I am thinking my neighbor Laura has the right idea, go vegetarian.

2005 was one of the hottest years ever recorded.

We all know something is running amuck in our world. We read the news and see the evidence. I am in constant discussion with my friends about the subject. I do my little bit, turning off lights, combining driving trips to the stores, recycling. But I know these things are not enough and I keep wondering ... what are we to do? What does an individual do to help out our world in crisis? What can the blogging community do? Have you guys heard of anything extraordinary that we can do? I mean really DO. I am feeling very helpless, frustrated, worried and SCARED.


Kate I said...

it was good to read your post about your concerns for the environment and asking the question, what can we do? I share your concerns and I don't have the answers but as bloggers, I do think that posing the question on our blogs to raise awareness and voice our concerns is a starting point...and you can already beging to feel a groundswell of concern about the environment that wasn't there a year or two ago. Meanwhile, we can just keep doing what we can in our own lives and our own homes, even though it seems so inadequate when the problem is so huge. Maybe the tipping point isn't that far away.

Kimberley McGill said...

I was glad to read your post. I think you have already begun to do something simply by posing the question of your blog. My husband and I are looking at things like Permaculture, co-housing projects etc. It's also proved rewarding to talk to people in our neigboorhood and other groups we belong to. Sometimes we raise someone elses awareness and sometimes they have knowledge to share with us.

Love coming by here to see what your creating!

waltraut said...

Going vegetarian would be a good starting point. And not eating strawberries in December and asparagus in January. Doing without a car, thete are lots of things one can do, even in a small way.