Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Spirographs and Moiré

Patterns are fascinating. I probably was addicted when I played with a Spirograph as a kid. Someone has taken a lovely photo of one here.

Spirographs explained by Mathematica. Nature's spirograph and embroideried one. Lisa Solomon's Spirographs. Camera spin creates wonderful patterns.

Draw yourself a SpiroGraphs here or here.Cool things for kids - Super Spiro.

Fractal art by univrsltransl8r, below.

Moiré Pattern explained by Wolfram Mathworld and Moiré Pattern Generator.

This will give you a headache, so don't watch it very long.

Geometric Tessellations and Labyrinthine Tessellation.

Pattern sampler with SymmetryWorks.


Rachel said...

These spirographs are amazing. Thanks for sharing the fun. This new snap preview application is really cool. I'm going to look into using it on my blog, too.
PS: Love you as a snowbunny in your profile photo.

Kim Carney said...

thanks Rachel. I was wondering if the snap popup thingies were going to drive readers crazy, but I have not heard anything. Super easy to do ... I love the spirographs too! such fun!